12 Things I Learnt At University


I’ve been out of uni now for nearly 2 years which is slightly terrifying, and recently I’ve been reminiscing on my time there and what I learnt. I had the best 3 years and was lucky enough to have some great opportunities. I learnt a bit more about how life works, how money works, and how a washing machine works. There were genuinely times when I wondered if I’d survive, particularly after working for 12 hours straight in the library, or battling through essays, or soul searching into a Dominos stuffed crust pizza. But I made it and gained a degree in English Literature and some lifelong friends. It was definitely a journey. Here are some things I learnt at university…

  1. I can be independent – I learnt how to cook more than just pasta and beans on toast, and learnt how difficult it actually is to change a duvet cover by yourself.
  2. Not everyone will get on – I was lucky that my housemates all got on for the most part, but everyone is different and not everyone will like eachother in life.
  3. Cereal isn’t just for breakfast – any time of the day, cereal is the one.
  4. How to make cocktails on a budget – you’ll become a master of making drinks with little funds. Basics vodka, cheap mixer, £3.50 bottles of wine, and dirty pints are common student regulars.
  5. How to blag an essay – I learnt how to make an essay sound semi convincing and how to drag out my sentences to hit the word count.
  6. Referencing is the worst – by the time you’ve finally got the hang of referencing and doing it properly, you’ll have actually finished university.
  7. A pack of cards is key – they normally feature in every single student gathering and can help make strangers become friends in a single round of Ring Of Fire.
  8. Budgeting sucks – I went from feeling like an affluent member of society to feeling like I was living just about the poverty line in a couple of weeks.
  9. How to be resourceful – when funds are low, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. We made fancy dress outfits from things around the house and genuinely used a vodka bottle as a rolling pin.
  10. Housemates become family – you’ll grow close to the people you live with; you’ll see them at their worst and love them at their best.
  11. Naps are great – always take advantage of a nap.
  12. Explore  – get out there and make opportunities, make friends and make memories.

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