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Following on from my last dupe post which looked at some high-end cult beauty products compared with their cheaper alternatives, I noticed some more dupes in my collection. These dupes all belong in my favourite makeup family – eyeshadows. Some of the shadows in my collection were pretty similar, to the point where I realised that they could be alternatives for eachother when I swatched them together. I learnt that I seem to gravitate towards the same colours and finishes, so it was no surprise that some of the eyeshadows were pretty much identical. The idea behind this post is to show how similar some products can be even if they are from different brands. The brands I am featuring are mostly high-end but some are more worth the money than others. If you have wanted one of these products but can’t get hold of it or justify the price, then there are other alternatives that would be a great match in colour and quality…

1.  Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita ‘Enhance‘, NARS ‘Surabaya‘ & MAC ‘Antiqued‘ – 


The thing that these shadows have in common is that they are all a very warm russet red with subtle flecks of copper – amazing colours for creating a warm smokey eye look. Each of these shadows has great pigmentation and all swatched very similarly. They are all a very similar tone and finish and I would say equal eachother in terms of quality and finish. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on the Dolce Vita palette for the beautiful red shade but can’t justify the price, then the NARS Surabaya duo or MAC’s Antiqued would be great alternatives.


(L-R: NARS Surabaya, Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita, MAC Antiqued)


(Top) – NARS Surabaya, (Left) – Dolce Vita, (Right) – MAC Antiqued


(Swatches L-R: NARS Surabaya, Dolce Vita, MAC Antiqued)

Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita – £38.00

NARS Surabaya Duo – £25.00

MAC Antiqued – £10.00

2. Tarte In Bloom ‘Firecracker‘, NARS ‘Fez‘, & Carli Bybel ‘Dark Bronze‘ – 


These eyeshadows are all a very similar warm bronze shade with a shimmer. All of the shimmer shades are subtle, not too glittery, apply very smoothly and blend out well. These shadows are great stand-alone shadows or are perfect for intensifying an eye look. I found that the most highly pigmented shade was Firecracker from the Tarte palette, but the other two weren’t far behind with their great quality. Firecracker is my most used shade from the Tarte In Bloom palette, so it’s great to be able to find other options. The ‘Dark Bronze’ shade from the Carli Bybel palette doesn’t have a name but it is just as eye-catching as the others and really pulls the whole palette together, while NARS Fez has now been brought out as a single shadow and is a stunning colour on the lid.


(Tarte In Bloom Palette – Firecracker)


(NARS Fez)


(BH Cosmetics’ Carli Bybel Palette – dark bronze shade)


(Swatches L-R: NARS Fez, Tarte Firecracker, Carli Bybel Dark Bronze)

Tarte In Bloom – £33.00

NARS Fez – £18.00

BH Cosmetics’ Carli Bybel Palette – £15.00-£25.00 (depending on where you buy it from)

3. Becca ‘Ombre Rouge Shade 4‘, Urban Decay’s ‘Riff‘, & MAC ‘Texture‘ – 


These shades are all a warm-toned brown with a slight orange undertone. They are all matte in finish but both Urban Decay’s Riff and MAC Texture contain small flecks of shimmer – a kind of matte/shimmer hybrid, but it’s so subtle you’d barely notice. The colour and pigmentation of all three are on par with eachother and are great quality. They all work beautifully as a wash of colour on their own, or to help build up and deepen other colours. The shades blend out well and would work well on most eye colours and skin tones. I did a review post on the Becca Ombre Rouge palette here, which is a really pretty palette but is a little pricey for the number of shadows that you get. If you can’t justify buying the Becca palette, these are some great single shadow alternatives that are easy to get hold of.


(Becca Ombre Rouge – Shade 4)


(Urban Decay Riff)


(MAC Texture)


(Swatches L-R: MAC Texture, Becca Ombre Rouge, Urban Decay Riff)

Becca Ombre Rouge – £36.00

Urban Decay Riff – £14.00

MAC Texture – £10.00

I hope this post has been helpful in finding some alternative shadows that are similar to eachother that you may well have in your collection! Thanks for reading.

Aimie xo




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    These palettes are all way too beautiful – such amazing colours! Great post ~ Bella x

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    Aw thanks very much! 🙂 X

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