Beauty Hack: Depotting MAC Eyeshadows


If you’re a lover of MAC eyeshadows, then you’ve probably got some of their single eyeshadows knocking around in your collection. MAC single eyeshadows are sold in either the individual refill pans to fit into the MAC palettes or the single eyeshadows which usually cost a bit more. The individual shadows are compact and are good for travelling, and some limited edition shades are only available in these single compacts. I used to love keeping these when I only had a few shades, but as my collection grew it made more sense to buy the individual refill pans and keep them in my 15 pan pro palette to save space and keep them all together. I found that I still had some single eyeshadows that I wanted to include in my palette, but didn’t want to spend the extra money to buy them again in the single pans. I then found this beauty hack online and thought it was worth a share for those who would like to depot their MAC shadows…


To depot your MAC eyeshadows, you will need:

  • Small knife
  • Hair straighteners
  • Tweezers
  • MAC single eyeshadow pots
  • MAC pro palette


The first step is to carefully slot the knife inbetween the opening of the compact and gently tilt the knife so the pan and inner casing pops out. This is a bit fiddly so might take a bit of time. Obviously be careful when you’re doing this.


Once the pans are out of the original casing, turn on the straighteners. Once these have heated up, place the pan onto the hot plate and leave for around 30 seconds. This is to melt the glue which holds the eyeshadow pan inside the plastic. After it’s heated up, remove from the hot plate with the tweezers. Then carefully push the knife inbetween the eyeshadow pan and the outer plastic to separate them. (The glue will still be very hot so be careful).


Once the eyeshadows are out of the casing and have been left to cool, you can then take the label off of the original outside compact and stick this to the bottom of the eyeshadow pan to identify the shade.


And there you have it – depotted MAC eyeshadows for your custom palette! I definitely damaged mine slightly but am glad I can now add them into my main collection. You could even keep the empty pots and use them for ‘Back to Mac’.


I hope you’ve found this post helpful if you’ve been wanting to depot your shadows! Thanks for reading.

Aimie xo



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