Makeup Memory Lane


I loved trying new makeup from a young age and would always be looking for new things to test out. When I first tried makeup, my essentials were pretty basic and would include powder, brown eyeliner, mascara, and lip balm. These are some of my old favourites that I would use back in the day, and would use religiously. I still had some of these left over in my collection, and some I repurchased so I could put them to the test and see if I still love them now as much as I did then. Here is my trip down makeup memory lane…



Foundation – My first foundation was the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation which gives a medium coverage and I always remember it giving quite a glowy look. I tried this again recently and still really like the formula as it’s really soft and blends in easily. It does have a habit of settling into any lines, so a bit of powder helps to combat that and make it last longer. I went through so many bottles of this, and I still really like it.

Would I repurchase? – Yes.

Powder – My powder of choice has been, and still is, the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder which is one of the best drugstore powders out there in my opinion. It’s really good at setting makeup without looking cakey and because it’s translucent, it doesn’t add any extra colour to the face.

Would I repurchase? – Yes.

Bronzer – I never really got the whole contour thing, I don’t think it was really a big thing when I first started getting into makeup. Nevertheless, I still bought a bronzer and highlighter kit from Collection, (and also from Sleek which I remember to be really good). I used to use a bit of the bronzer on my cheeks very lightly, but mostly I remember using it as eyeshadow which actually worked as a nice warm shade believe it or not. Despite being a really nice colour and bringing warmth to the face, I find it’s still quite orange and I have bronzers that I’ve discovered since and prefer more.

Would I repurchase? – No.



Eyeshadow – For eyes, I used to keep it really basic and always used the same eyeshadow quad day in day out, which was the Rimmel quad in Sun Safari. I loved the gold and rose gold shades and often used the highlight shade for the inner corners. I hadn’t used this for a few years, but this eyeshadow is really good quality for the price. I love these shadows as they are pretty nostalgic but I have more eyeshadows with more pigment that I gravitate to more.

Would I repurchase? – No.

Eyeliner – I’ve never really been adventurous with eyeliners, so I always stick to the same ones. The eyeliners I’ve had for years are the L’Oreal Color Riche eyeliner in brown, and the Barry M liquid eyeliner in Black. They are both really well priced and are great quality, and are still in my collection today.

Would I repurchase? – Yes.

Mascara – My mascara hasn’t really changed much either, I know what works and I stick with it. I used to own the Maybelline False Lash Effect mascara but then swapped to the Benefit Rollerlash a few years ago and haven’t looked back since. The Rollerlash is perfect for giving long and full lashes with no clumps. I’ve gone through so many of these and even managed to convert some of my friends and my mum to using this mascara.

Would I repurchase? – Yes.



Lip balm – My good old Nivea Lip Balm in pearly shine has been in my makeup bag since I was literally 12 years old. I went on a school skiing trip and a lip balm was on my list of things to buy, I chose this one because not only is it a nourishing balm, it also has a pretty pink sheen to it which my 12 year old self thought was bloody amazing. I love this product and still use it all throughout the day, everyday.

Would I repurchase? – Yes. 

Lipstick – I never really bothered with lipsticks because I mainly just used my lip balm instead. But one of my first lipsticks that I purchased and used everyday, (aside from an old Natural Collection nude shade I can no longer find), was the Topshop lipstick in Petal. It’s a light pink shade which is so soft and buttery. It’s not the longest lasting, but it’s a lipstick i’ve always gone back to and featured this back in my My Current Beauty Favourites. It’s probably too pale for some, but it’s one of my old favourites.

Would I repurchase – Yes.

Do you remember your first beauty products? Thanks for reading!




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