Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows – 658 Cosmopolite & 573 Mineral


Dior is not a brand that I usually consider when it comes to makeup – I knew they had a makeup line but I’ve never really heard much about their products before, until I spotted these two eyeshadows at the Dior counter, and what can I say, I was lured in… I picked up 658 Cosmopolite & 573 Mineral, and I have to admit, it was love at first swatch. They are soft to touch and blendable with hardly any fall out, if at all. I find that these are so rich in colour and packed with pigment, and I love the luxe feel of them. I’d heard that some Dior eyeshadows can be quite hit and miss, especially considering the price tag, but these shades are honestly beautiful…


Diorshow Mono eyeshadow: 658 Cosmopolite

First up is Cosmopolite, a warm golden brown with a shimmer finish which Dior calls lamé. It’s seriously pigmented and delivers intense colour pay off with one swipe. This shade has so much pigment and is so rich that would look great on any eye colour. It stays put on the skin for hours until you want to remove it, and leaves a gorgeous sheen on the eye. The only thing that might be considered negative about this shade is that it is a lot more frosted than the other colours – in that there is quite a large amount of shimmer built into the shadow which some people might not like. But if you’re into a smokey eye with a frosted look, then this could be for you! I love to wear this all over the eye with lots of mascara.


Diorshow Mono eyeshadow: 573 Mineral

Mineral is my personal favourite shade of the range. I’d seen this colour online and loved the swatches other people had done but I feel I have so many golden brown eyeshadows already. But as soon as I saw this in person and swatched it, I knew I had to have it. It’s a beautiful warm golden butterscotch brown with a very warm undertone and satin finish. It feels velvet soft and is so easy to build up and blend out. Because it’s a satin shade, it’s not chunky and glittery at all – it’s so pigmented which I love, as a lot of brown shades sheer out quite easily when blended. I like to apply this with some darker browns for a rich smokey eye, and i’ve also been loving this blended all over the lid with a cat-eye flick and mascara. This colour looks great with my brown eyes, and I imagine it would also look gorgeous on blue and green eyes too. Definitely a fan of this colour!



Swatches L-R: 573 Mineral, 658 Cosmopolite

You can see from the swatches above just how pigmented these shadows are, particularly Cosmpolite which was swatched in just one pass on the skin. These eyeshadows are pretty pricey, because well, they are Dior. But these are such great quality and look and feel so luxurious that you really do get what you pay for. Sure, there are eyeshadows out there for a lot less, and I don’t always like paying money for a product just because of its name or brand, but I don’t find myself regretting these one bit.




I love these Diorshow shadows, and would recommend to anyone looking for a little luxury treat this Christmas. Because if you can’t treat yourself at Christmas, then when can you?




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    Those shades are gorgeous 😍

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    Thanks, they’re so lovely to use 🙂

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