20 Thoughts of a Christmas Shopper

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Well, here we are again… Christmas is around the next corner, and although it feels like the festive preparations have been going on for months now, it still manages to creep up on me. Every year I vow to myself that I’ll be organised with my Christmas shopping; that i’ll stick to a budget; that i’ll try and buy more original gifts; that i’ll make some of my own gifts; and that i’ll  finally master the art of wrapping. (Side note: I’m now 23 and still can’t wrap a standard box).

I do feel a little bit more organised this year, which is the complete opposite to previous years where I’ve started and finished my Christmas shopping a matter of days before Christmas Eve. Whether you’re an organised shopper who knows exactly what they want and sticks to a budget, or whether you’re a complete Christmas shopping mess with absolutely no idea and no budget, I feel we can all relate to some of these at some time or another. Here are some secret thoughts of a Christmas shopper…

1. When you’re meant to be buying presents for friends and family, but end up buying a few accidental things for yourself too.

2. The jealousy and hatred you feel when someone says ‘I finished my Christmas shopping in November.’

3. The excitement when you’re so impressed with a gift idea, you’re pretty sure you’ve smashed Christmas.

4. Christmas songs aren’t so jolly after the 48274914th time.

5. Spending a ridiculous amount of money on gift sets in Boots… but Boots points. All the Boots points.

6. Wondering why you’ve left it so late and you have no money to spend.

7. Chocolates are always a good idea. Chocolates for everyone.

8. Family Secret Santa should be an option.

9. What in God’s name do I get my Secret Santa at work?

10. Wondering if you should just buy everything online so you don’t have to deal with people and you’d still be able to feel your arms.

11. Budgeting… what is money anyway?

12. Not buying something purely because you know there’s no way in hell you’d be able to wrap it.

13. Gift bags are just amazing things.

14. Becoming a pro at finding the end of the sellotape roll, but then getting it stuck to absolutely everything you own.

15. Wondering if you’re a bad person for contemplating giving someone that unopened present you received the year before…

16. You’ve given the same present to the same person for the last 5 years, but they’re getting the same again, goddamnit.

17. Wondering if it’s justifiable to give everyone a gift card and be done with it.

18. When you’re in a slow-moving crowd and your rolls of wrapping paper keep hitting people, but you feel no guilt.

19. Reaching the end of your list and feeling like doing a celebratory cartwheel. But you can’t because you can’t feel your arms or legs.

20.Vowing that you’ll do better next year…

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